Harness Safety

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The padded (fully underlaid) safety harness has a second belt around the waist, in addition to the chest belt, in order to prevent the dog from escaping. It is individually adjustable in the neck, chest, and waist area and two quick-release buckles provide comfortable access. The harness is designed so that it is ergonomically adjusted to the body of the dog, this creates optimal distribution of the tension, which protects your dog’s back. The wrap-around belt in the chest area forms a movement-friendly distance from the front legs thanks to its long under bust strip, so that the shoulders are spared. The belt is completely padded with air-permeable foam in the smallest setting and this, in turn, is edged with Cordura (highly abrasion-resistant material).
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We recommend machine washing at 30°C gentle cycle, low spin (800 revolutions), low drum filling, no fabric softener, a laundry bag, and no dryer.

This is how you determine the correct dimensions for our chest harnesses: Measuring Instructions.pdf

You can measure the length of the chest strips for your dog very simply:
Place the measuring tape at the beginning of the breastbone and run it between the front legs to the rear.
If you previously considered size S then they must end 23cm behind the widest point of the chest and before the last rib.
Measurement chart.pdf